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MapGreece We traveled a figure 8 starting in Athens, going North to Meteora, then on to Delphi, Santorini, and Crete.
DSC00539 Meteora is an area of towering pinnacles.
DSC00552 The rocks dwarf the tiny town of Kastraki and it's nearby neighbor Kamlampaka.
DSC00543 The climb up to pinnacle top monasteries involves paths carved out of the rock face.
DSC00550 The tiny Moni Agias Triados is high above Kalampaka.
DSC00548 Three of the largest Moni (Monasteries) can be seen here.
DSC00551 Another angle just barely includes a fourth, lower Moni.
MeteoraEtch A portion of a print from a copper etching by monk Parthenios of Elassona depicting Meteora, from 1782.
DSC00555 The approach to M. A. Varvaras Rousanou, now home to an order of nuns.
DSC00553 Rousanou has a commanding view over Kastraki, left, and M. A. Nikalaou Anapafsa, right.
DSC00554 The Moni Megalou Meterou, left, and Moni Varlaam, right.
DSC00560 M. A. Rousanou from below.
DSC00561 Moni Agiou Nikolaou Anapafsa.
DSC00564 Approaching M. Megalou Meteorou in the mist.
DSC00569 A light well inside Meteorou.
DSC00568 Meteorou's ossuary.
DSC00573 Typical Byzantine katholikon window.
DSC00583 Rain water was collected for later use, the only water source.
DSC00611 We found our way between pinnacles to M. Varlaam
DSC00599 Ascending to Moni Varlaam.
DSC00607 Another tour bus unloads below.
DSC00606 Varlaam's katholikon  (main church of monastery).
DSC00617 M. A. Anapafsa, left, and a Moni in ruins above right.
DSC00627 There are two Delphi's, the ancient site, and the modern town; 1/2 kilometer apart.
DSC00628 The Gulf of Corinth lies below Delphi.
DSC00638 Most buildings have great views because Delphi is built on a steep mountainside.
DSC00659 The ancient site is a prime example of
DSC00653 The reconstructed Treasury of the Athenians.
DSC00664 Temple of Apollo.
DSC00666 An incredible location for theatre!
DSC00687 Sanctuary of Athena Pronaia.
MapSantorini Santorini is a group of islands formed by the caldera of a volcano who's crater has been flooded by the sea.
DSC00726 Despite very heavy tourism, Santorini is a place not to be missed.
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