Iceland & Scotland


Photos from our trip to Iceland and Scotland, 25 Mar - 14 Apr, 2007

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The 136 photos (10.4 MB total combined size) here are what we think are the best of our photos. We took over 500 photos in all, so you're getting off easy ;-)

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The Icelandic alphabet has a couple unusual characters, along with an array of vowels with various diacritical marks. The letter 'thorn' (Þ,þ) is pronounced as the 'th' in 'thin.' The letter 'eth' (Ð,ð) is pronounced as the 'th' in 'lather.' You're on your own with the rest of it.

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Each photo's brightness has been adjusted to our preference based a monitor gamma of 2.2. This is a standard monitor adjustment benchmark, you will benefit by having your monitor adjusted the same way. See this page Link is to outside of this site for more information.

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