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Installation of Winter ArtSpot Piece Sweater

December 2010
Sweater On December 16th the public art piece Sweater Opens in pop-up window was installed on the ArtSpot frame located on the South side of Broadway just east of the Virginian Lodge in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. The process took the better part of the day under clear but chilly skies, assembling the five pieces that make the giant Charlie Brown-inspired sweater. A reception for the project was held on Tuesday December 21st, the Winter Solstice, the traditional change over of the ArtSpot.
Reception Announcement in News & Guide Link is to outside of this site
Article in JH Weekly Link is to outside of this site

Open Studio — The Making of Sweater

November 2010
Sweater Come by the Center for the Arts on Sundays this Month between Noon and 4pm to see the progress on the creation of Sweater, the winter ArtSpot public art piece created with remnant by-product from a sequins and spangle factory in Florida. Suzanne is knitting this material into a fabric using the sweater worn by Charlie Brown as an inspiration for this garment's form.

Art Residency — Skagaströnd, Iceland

August 2010
Nets Suzanne spent the month of August at the NES Artist Residency Link is to outside of this site which is located in the small town of Skagaströnd with a population of 500 people in northwestern Iceland. The residency culminated with the site specific installation of Nets Opens in pop-up window.

ArtSpot Artist — Winter 2010

July 2010
recycled by-product The Center of Wonder Link is to outside of this site awarded Suzanne a grant and the opportunity to create for the ArtSpot on Broadway in Jackson, Wyoming. Suzanne is planning to create a sculpture using recycled materials and a knitting technique.

Exhibition in Poland Announced

June 2010
Suzanne's solo exhibition at the Centralne Muzeum Włókiennictwa Link is to outside of this site in Łódź, Poland was set for January 2011. Suzanne had been in discussion with the museum for some time to work out the details of a site specific installation for a museum space using a textile technique.

Ninth National Juried Exhibition at Ceres Gallery

May 2010
Pod Two of Suzanne's works were selected for the Ninth National Exhibition at Ceres Gallery Link is to outside of this site in New York City. Pieces selected for the exhibition use the knitting techniques that often accompany her re-imaging of discarded linear materials.

L'Avenir En Papier

April 2010
knitted paper Suzanne participated in L'Avenier en Papier, an international exhibition held in Le Vigan, France. She created a site specific installation for the chapel gallery space during public performances. Knitted newspaper "yarn" was created using the local newspaper Midi Libre. L'Avenir en Papier Link is to outside of this site

Sagebrush Fund for the Arts Fellowship

March 2010
Sagebrush Fund for the Arts awarded Suzanne an unrestricted fellowship to support the advancement of her art practice. This fund is highly selective and artists are chosen via a nomination process.

L'Avenir en Papier Exhibit in Le Vigan France planned

February 2010
Overlay Resource conserving paper making methods was the challenge of the exhibit — L'Avenir en Papier (The Future in Paper) — organized by international papermakers to be held in Le Vigan, France in May 2010. Suzanne's concept for turning recycled newspapers into spun "yarn" and knitted into coverings for the stained glass windows in the exhibit space was Suzanne's solution. Suzanne will do two performances of her newspaper knitting pieces called "Overlay".

Blogging for MAD

January 2010
Polishing beads While in Ghana to contribute paper making ideas, Suzanne visited a Krobo bead making operation that uses recycled glass as the raw material. Her experiences are summarized in a blog contribution Link is to outside of this site on the website of New York's Museum of Arts and Design.

Papermaking in Ghana, West Africa

August 2009
Paper candleshade Suzanne was selected by Cross Cultural Collaborative, Inc. Link is to outside of this site a Massachusetts-based educational non-profit, that invites people to Ghana to promote cultural exchange and understanding through the arts. She was selected as a visiting artist to make paper out of sugar cane and develop ideas for new ways to create with paper. Ghana has a rich tradition of crafts and Suzanne was eager to explore the intersection of the local artists with her sensibilities as a U.S. artist. See some of the images that struck her on her trip.

Consequences of the Exquisite Corpse

April 2009
Exquisite Corpse Invited to participate in a surrealist art game, Suzanne's entry was a 4'x4' waist to knees piece and involved a tutu! Four artists per form, the end result is a surprise, a la Surrealist style. Fun and games for all! A Local22 article Opens in pop-up window (cached) introduces the exhibit which appeared in the Center for the Arts gallery.

6 Sides 2 Every Story

January 2009
6 sides view Cube #44 Earth Day... "we have met the enemy, and HE is US."

This is a cube themed art Link is to outside of this site collaboration funded by grants from the Nevada Arts Council and Sierra Arts Foundation. With a goal of 100 2"x2"x2" cubes, each having a unique theme. Each side of the cube represents various artists interpretation of the theme — initiated by 100 artists resulting in 600 artist participants.

Suzanne's woodcut was part of a cube depicting the well known Pogo comic strip Link is to outside of this site by Walt Kelly.

Artists: Sue Roberts (NV), Ingrid Evans (NV), Suzanne Morlock (WY), Brigid Curran (NM), Lili Francuz (CO), Bart Fetz (WY)


Jan - Nov 2008
Group 8 sculpture Where imagination and collaboration collide – 106 artists from 26 states participate in Imagillaboration, a collaborative project inspired by the "Exquisite Corpse" collaborations of the Surrealists, and born from the belief that, however many of us there may be, contemporary sculptors comprise a true community, comes IMAGILLABORATION Link is to outside of this site.

Imagillaboration will differ from the Surrealists format in that it will not be a "blind" collaboration. Participants will be responding to the elements that have already been incorporated into each piece as they add their own section to the sculpture. An ongoing dialog between artists in a group is encouraged. This way of approaching a collaborative project is more fun, and will produce a better result. Suzanne was a participant in the "scattered" group, participants in rural areas or in areas where there wasn't a concentration of scupltors participating. Due to this fact, Suzanne never met her fellow group members but did have email communication with them. The show is currently touring the country.

Ghosts In My Machine

June 2008
Kite Dreams Suzanne's latest show, Ghosts In My Machine, is in the Theater Gallery at Jackson's Center for the Arts. The show runs from June 21 through August 21, 2008. Some images from the show can be seen in this portfolio Opens in pop-up window.

"Kite Dreams"; cotton velvet dress, cotton cording, plastic rope; 78.5" x 62" x 54.5"; 2008

Snapshot Over Lunch

March 2008
Material Study Suzanne had installed her work, Snapshot Over Lunch, on the ceiling of Bon Appé Thai, a Thai restaurant at 245 W. Pearl in Jackson, WY. (Excellent food!) The installation ran from March 2nd to May 18th, 2008.

There was an opening reception on Thursday, March 6th, from 4:00 to 5:30.

Click on the thumbnail image for a larger view. The photo is a material study, you should have stopped by Bon Appé Thai to see how it turned out! If you couldn't make it, we have some installation views Opens in pop-up window.

Fiber Collaborative

January 2008
Knitted Baling Twine Suzanne is participating with the International Fiber Collaborative Link is to outside of this site in a group project to cover an abandoned gas station in New York with 3 foot square fiber pieces created by knitting, quilting, crocheting, and other techniques. The project goal is to provide an opportunity for people who enjoy working with crafts, whether professional artists, hobbyists or students to come together from all over the world to express their concerns about their country's extreme dependency on oil for energy. Those who participate will crochet, knit, stitch, patch, or collage fiber pieces that will express each participants concern about this topic.

Suzanne's contribution is knitted from plastic baling twine. Click on the thumbnail image above/left to view a larger image.

Spiral Jetty Visit

October 2007
Spiral Jetty Photos and a trip report from our trip to see Robert Smithson's "Sprial Jetty" are now posted for anyone interested.

The Cradle Project

August 2007
Nest Nest Nest Nest This is Suzanne's contribution to The Cradle Project Link is to outside of this site Clicking on the thumbnail images at left opens larger images in new windows.
Read the article (cached) in Jackson Hole News & Guide

"Nest", chokecherry branches, plastic baling twine, 80"x60"x36", 2007
Artist's Statement
Nesting birds and the well worn narrative surrounding their techniques for rearing young became a metaphor for this piece. Birds typically provide unfailing support and obsessive care to bring their young to adulthood. With often manic single-mindedness they create the place where their story unfolds. Sometimes to their death, they defend, protect and deliver a new generation of the species into the wild.

Knitted materials are often associated with clothing, blankets and toys for children and are associated with warm and fuzzy comfort. While using the knitting technique, the result is a stiff and scratchy fabric which doesn't provide the intended comfort. Much like the plight of children in sub-Saharan Africa.

Living in northwestern Wyoming, surrounded by natural vegetation, I chose trimmings from the native shrub, Prunus virginiana, commonly known as Chokecherry as one the materials for this piece. Coupled with this natural material, I selected a human material, plastic twine used to tie bales of hay. I found this material by the side of the road. These two materials characterize my interests in using materials native to a place both naturally occurring and human produced.

The Fire This Time

July 2006
Work by Glo LamsonSuzanne was in the show "The Fire This Time" at The Center for the Arts, Jackson, WY, July thru August 31st.
Opening on Friday, July 7, 5:30-7:00 PM

This exhibit is a collaboration between The Center for the Arts and Jackson Hole Center for Global Affairs(.pdf as Google Sites attachment for download)

The photo here is by Glo Lamson. Suzanne's piece Opens in pop-up window was installed in the atrium of the entrance lobby of the Center. Other artists include Babs Case, Jeremy Morgan, Bronwyn Minton, Thomas Stimpson, Jonathon Long, and Susan Thulin.

Featured on GALLERY twenty-four Website

May 2006
GALLERY twenty-four Suzanne is featured Link is to outside of this site on GALLERY twenty-four's website.

GALLERY twenty-four was founded in 2001 with the purpose of offering autodidactic and undiscovered artists a venue to exhibit their works. They have featured Suzanne's "Propped" show in their Paris and Berlin galleries.

"Propped" Show in Wyoming

Apr 2006
Wy Arts Coucil Gallery At the Wyoming Arts Council Link is to outside of this site Gallery, 14 Apr - 30 Jun 2006, in Cheyenne.

Since it's inception in the summer of 1990, the Council Gallery continues to exhibit and promote artists living and working in Wyoming. The Gallery is a 660 square foot space in a refurbished carriage house near the State Capitol.

A local TV station interviewed Suzanne at the opening. Check out the clip Opens in pop-up window.

all the time in the world

Sep 2005
Julian Scott Memorial Gallery Johnson State College, VT
See the installation views Opens in pop-up window.

Wyoming Arts Council

Aug 2005
All Buttoned Up Suzanne is was featured in the AIR Artist Spotlight Opens in pop-up window (cached)
Update: She is no longer the featured artist

The Wyoming Arts Council uses the Artist Information Registry to provide lists of artists/craftspeople to organizations and individuals making selections for exhibitions, referrals, residencies, fairs and festivals.

"Propped" Show

May 2005-June 2006
Propped Installation View Centralne Muzeum Włókiennictwa, Łódź, Poland
Gallery twenty-four, Berlin, Germany
Gallery twenty-four, Paris, France
Wyoming Arts Council, Cheyenne, Wyoming

You can see some of the work here Opens in pop-up window.

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