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All Buttoned Up
by Suzanne Morlock

wool, buttons
6.5"x 9" 9.5"

The AIR spotlight is on Suzanne Morlock from Wilson.

Suzanne’s textile work, “Propped”, is currently being exhibited in Poland at the Central Museum of Textile in Lodz through August 2005. The exhibit then travels to Berlin, Germany to Gallery Twenty-Four.

About her work she says, “The abstracted forms intend to recognize and describe my sense of mortality. These imperfect, non-whole, organ-shaped forms are distilled narratives of my passage through time. Inherent in the word “propped” is the sense of imbalance and vulnerability that has come with my life transitions. The material used, wool, provides a malleable, organic transforming process. The shapes retain playful qualities reflective of my reaction to the changes inherent with life passages. Humor has become a vehicle for proceeding and is the only real perception in these works that is essential.”

Suzanne is currently employed at the Teton County Public Library in Jackson. Her work is scheduled to be shown in the Council Gallery in 2006.

Address: Wyoming Arts Council 2320 Capitol Avenue Cheyenne, WY 82002
Phone:307-777-7742 e-mail: Fax: 307-777-5499