Poland Trip

January 2011
Abandoned factory This January, we flew to Łódź, Poland to install Suzanne's Magic Carpet Ride at the Central Museum of Textiles. It was a lot of hard work, so this slide show Opens in pop-up window is more about the production of the artwork than about the usual tourist travel pictures. This slideshow contains 99 images totaling 6.4MB of data.

Iceland Residency

August 2010
Icelandic farm Suzanne spent a month at the NES Artist Residency Link is to outside of this site in Skagaströnd, a small fishing village in the Northwest of Iceland. While most of the time was spent producing art, we did have time to play tourist and take pictures. This slideshow Opens in pop-up window has several 'sidebars' similar to the Ghana slideshow below. This main sequence has 79 photos, plus another 78 in all the sidebars. Total data volume is 9.5MB. NOTICE: This slideshow was incomplete and not fully functional for quite some time, however, it is now complete and functional. Enjoy.

Installation in Le Vigan, France

May 2010
France We spent three weeks in France, including 5 days in Paris, and the remainder in the South. A portion of the time was spent making Overlay, but the rest of the time was spent being a tourist and taking pictures. This slideshow Opens in pop-up window contains 73 photos totaling 5.4MB of data.

Ghana, Africa

August 2009
Ghana We spent three weeks in Ghana, most of the time we were at the Cross Cultural Collaborative, where Suzanne taught art and Glenn taught computing to the local children of Nungua, just outside the capital city of Accra. We also visted Kumasi, and Kakum National Park, near Cape Coast. This slideshow Opens in pop-up window contains several 'sidebars' which contain more photos of a particular topic. They are accessed with the up arrow button from the last image of a topic contained in the main sequence. The main sequence contains 72 images, with another 78 photos total in all the sidebars. The total data volume is 11MB.

Iceland & Scotland Photos

April 2007
Castle Photos from our trip to Iceland & Scotland are now posted for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy.

Greece Photos

October 2006
Parthenon Photos Opens in pop-up window from our trip to Greece are now posted for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy.

Irish Step Dancing

December 2005
Suzanne's niece Suzanne's niece, Claire is going has gone to the World Championship in Belfast.

View photos Opens in pop-up window from earlier competitions. We do not have any photos of actual dancing because the dance steps are copyrighted and we are not permitted to photograph them :-(

In Memory of...

October 2005
Suzanne's grandmother Harrimay Funk Opens in pop-up window, July 16, 1907-October 4, 2005.

Suzanne was raised by her grandparents. Suzanne and her grandmother were always very close, so Harrimay's passing was quite a shock. Never the less, she lived a very long life filled with much joy. For that, we rejoice.


May 2005
Polish grave marker Suzanne's photos Opens in pop-up window from her trip to Poland for her "Propped" show opening are online.

This is the debut of Glenn's custom slideshow viewer. Clicking or keying almost anywhere in the viewer will advance to the next photo. Click the question mark in the upper left corner of the viewer for detailed help on using the viewer.

For a full experience, keep an eye out for an up arrow navigation button to appear. This leads to mini-slideshow sidebars of extra photos on a particular topic. There are 67 photos without the sidebars, 176 in all if you go to all the sidebars. Some sidebars are giant sized panoramic photos. Be sure your browser is not shrinking such photos to fit the window.