Visualizing Relational Poverty Knowledge

September 2016
piled up letters spell 'Design Change' Seattle Design Festival Conference Link is to outside of this site
Suzanne was invited to be a panelist in an audience-participatory discussion between activists, artists, and designers to engage economic and racial justice through visual, spatial, and structural storytelling. Relational poverty knowledge shifts the focus on "the poor" to the larger forces of power and privilege that maintain and reinforce poverty. We will investigate this year's festival theme 'Design Change' by conceptualizing how to make visible the often-invisible power relations that produce and reinforce structural inequalities. Sponsored by the Relational Poverty Network Link is to outside of this site at the University of Washington.

Flight of Fancy

December 2015
installation detail Flight of Fancy "The tradition of bobbin lace making and Rauma maritime culture are at the centre of a community public artwork. A team consisting of architect Glenn Messersmith and sculptor Suzanne Morlock, the current artists-in-residence at RaumArs, and local teacher and lace maker Tarmo Thorström, in collaboration with Rauma Street Mission (Rauman Seudun Katulähetys) VALO metal workshop apprentices for providing skills in welding and concrete work. This collaborative public artwork Flight of Fancy is respecting the past, looking to the future." ... read more Link is to outside of this site

See Suzanne's blog posts for details as the project progressed.

Project supporters

Finlandia Foundation Awards

May 2015
Flag Cake - Finland/USA Suzanne Morlock, Glenn Messersmith and Babs Case were additionally supported by grants from the Finlandia Foundation National Link is to outside of this site and the Finlandia Foundation Seattle Chapter Link is to outside of this site for the community-based artmaking in Rauma, Finland during the fall of 2015. See blog posts of the 3 month project.

American-Scandinavian Foundation Fellowship

April 2015
ASF Logo Suzanne became a Fellow of the American-Scandinavian Foundation in conjunction with her project in Rauma Finland: The Lacemaking Project. This community-based opportunity is a collaboration with RaumArs Artist in Residency Programme Link is to outside of this site .

Wyoming Arts Council Fellowship

March 2014
WAC Logo In March 2014, Suzanne was awarded a Wyoming Arts Council Fellowship. The Fellowship show will be held at the University of Wyoming Art Museum Link is to outside of this site in May of 2015.

The Nature of Things

January 2014
video projected on floor Suzanne was selected as one of three artists to create large scale installations responding to the Wyoming landscape. This 3 month exhibiton included performances by Contemporary Dance Wyoming as part of the opening and closing events Link is to outside of this site for the work.

Interview with World of Threads

November 2013
Bordessin print Suzanne was pleased to be included on this Canadian website's review Link is to outside of this site of worldwide textile artists. As stated on their website: "A comprehensive archive of the most exciting fibre artists in the world. For 104 weeks we have been interviewing a new local, national or international fibre artist. Interviews published by Gareth Bate & Dawne Rudman. People have subscribed from 59 countries."

Industrial Workers of the World

October 2013
Early 20th century style poster At an old rope factory in Paterson New Jersey, Suzanne created a new kind of textile operation for a two hour performance on the 4th floor of one of the old industrial buildings. Interested attendees participated in the manufacture of new textile materials,old newspaper turned into fiber then knitted, in this historic place.

The final form was created by all who participated and collaboratively the piece was installed in the space. This performance was designed to pay homage to the 1913 Paterson Silk Strike that occurred in protest the poor working conditions endured by factory workers. In addition, in 1913 a big exhibition was put on at the Armory to help raise funds for the effort. Sadly after several months, the strike ended without worker satisfaction.

Creative Time Summit

October 2013
speaker at podium Suzanne was fortunate to be able to attend the Creative Time Summit – Art, Place and Dislocation in the 21st Century held in New York City. In addition to hearing a wide range of project ideas, reports on activities and speakers representing a range of experiences in areas related to socially engaged arts, the attendance was huge! The organizers provided opportunites to engage on more intimate levels. Suzanne was fortunate to have lunch with Lucy Lippard, Gregory Sholette and a few others at the "Manhattan table" where cuisine was represented from each of the five boroughs. That evening at the Flux Factory a fabulous dinner was served with another opportunity to mix with like minded attendees.

Time & Place Installation Collaboration with Contemporary Dance Wyoming

October 2013
dance setting A collaborative work by Suzanne and Contemporary Dance Wyoming. This piece was performed at the Center for the Arts in Jackson Wyoming in conjunction with the National Association of Arts Councils Leadership Conference. Set in a non traditional space, this work captured attendees attention as they traversed the space was focused on sound, movement and form.

Wyoming Art Council’s Biennial Fellowship Exhibition

September 2013
knitted newspaper Suzanne was honored to be included in the Arts Council’s binennial exhibition. This year it is being held in at the Nicolaysen Art Museum, a converted 1924 power plant. This spectacular venue in the heart of Wyoming showcased these fellowship winners as well as the faculty at the University of Wyoming.


March 2013
Shadow pattern Nominated by Lisa Hatchadoorian, curator at the Nicolaysean Art Museum in Casper Wyoming, Suzanne was selected as one of two Wyoming artists to be represented in an exhibition hosted by the Art Association. Curator's Picks: Northwest Contemporary, highlighted the works of 8 regional artists, two hailing from each state – Colorado, Idaho, Montana and Wyoming.

The Knitting Project

Fall/Winter 2012-13
yarn balls Suzanne received grant funding to implement a community-based public art project centered on older community members in Teton County, Wyoming. The Knitting Project explored current trends in art theory related to social practice, inviting participants to actively engage and create the outcomes via the "framework" created by Suzanne. With over 50 knitters, the cross-generational effort adorned 10 sculptures around town with knitted embellishments created by participants. Each sculpture project included from 1-18 participants.

Contemporary Dance Wyoming – Up Close

June 2012
Dancer's Workshop Suzanne and five other local visual artists were invited to collaborate with Contemporary Dance Wyoming on a series of dances Link is to outside of this site, contributing costumes, props, and sets; engaging new artistic muscles, and seeking inspiration from the elements: Earth, Fire, Air, and Water. Suzanne suggested a fifth element which speaks of the void or ether.

How We See

May 2012
How We See Approaching the topic of how we perceive art and what matters about the process, Suzanne and Susan Thulin introduced their ideas on the topic and invited others to throw in their perceptions. JH Culture Front had this report Link is to outside of this site.

Sweater at Center for the Arts

May 2012
Sweater After a long sunny time at the Charles Schulz Museum in Santa Rosa California, the much loved 13' sculpture returned to the place of it's birth. Invited by the Center for the Arts to grace an upstairs patio, Sweater arrived in good shape after being in the California sun for a year. A casual cupcake partyOpens in pop-up window
was held to welcome Sweater back to Wyoming.

A Come Together in Pinedale

April 2012
Click Suzanne participated in this statewide event bringing together visual artists in a new way and inspiring us all! Suzanne’s presentation entitled "Getting Out of Dodge" Link is to outside of this site was focused on big thinking about international opportunities.

Organized by the Wyoming Arts Council, University of Wyoming Art Museum, Pipeline Art Project, and Pinedale Fine Arts Council, with support from the Pinedale Travel and Tourism Commission, Wyoming Women's Business Center/Works of Wyoming, the Sublette County Library, and the Wyoming Cultural Trust Fund.

Nomination for Northwest Contemporary Art Award

April 2012
PAM Logo Every two years, artists across a five state region (Oregon, Washington, Montana, Idaho and Wyoming) can be nominated by a secret crew of organizations and individuals who are given the nominating powers. This year someone nominated Suzanne for this prestegious honor of being one of 3-7 artists to be featured in an exhibit at the Portland Art Museum in 2013.

Exhibition – Tayloe Piggott Gallery

April 2012
Mother pasalubong  Link is to outside of this site
March 30 through May 15, 2012

US Artists Nomination

March 2012
US artists logo Suzanne has been nominated by United States Artists (USA) for a fellowship Link is to outside of this site award. USA is a non-profit organization started in 2005 with a mission to invest in American artists and illuminate the value of artists to society. Artists can be nominated at any point in their career by respected nominators who believe these artists deserve support for their artistic vision. Beginning in June 2012, 8 discipline specific panels of experts will meet to chose the 50 USA Fellows for 2012.

Six Stories

February 2012
City in the Sky installation view Six Stories, is a group exhibit challenging participants to recall that favorite book from childhood as inspiration for a flight of fancy. Suzanne's piece, loosely inspired by The Phantom Tollbooth and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, is an installation which plays off of the 20 foot high ceiling in the gallery space. The installationOpens in pop-up window, called City in the Sky, uses recycled materials such as remnant Mylar, recycled bicycle tires and newspaper, and a knitting technique.

Blog Launch!

January 2012
Blog Dialog Balloons Suzanne has expanded her website to include a weblog (blog). While this is a work-in-progress, she is currently interested in reporting art sightings at sites (sitings!), in travels and related discoveries. With the publish of her first substantive post, we hereby announce it's official launch! It can be accessed by following the 'matters' link on this site's navigation bar.

Wyoming Biennial Fellowship Show

November 2011
Phoenix Installation View The exhibition was held in the ArtSpace Gallery at the Center for the Arts in Jackson, Wyoming with an opening on November 4, 2011. Ten Wyoming artists where exhibited representing those who received awards in 2010 and 2011 from the Wyoming Arts Council's annual fellowship competition. The show's curator also toured Link is to outside of this site(.pdf, 4.9MB) the artist's studios.

Suzanne created a site-specific piece for this exhibit using discarded office paper and other discarded materials from organizations which reside in the Center for the Arts. The pieceOpens in pop-up window entitled Phoenix used the context of the physical place, it’s unique cultural narrative and local materials. Through techniques common to much of Morlock's work, she created a story which extends or invents new meanings, imaginings or possible futures. Often the reading by viewers creates a whole other sense of possibilities via each individual's interpretive vision.

Wyoming Welcome Center

October 2011
Wyoming Welcome Center Suzanne was one of the eight submissions selected for further consideration for the Wyoming Arts Council's Art in Public Places Program. The recent call for artists was for the Southeast Wyoming Welcome Center near Wyoming's border with Colorado off of I-25. Suzanne's concepts for the interior and the exterior locations are both being considered for this new state building. Of course Suzanne's entries utilize recycled materials. Read more about the project Link is to outside of this site.

Fall Arts Festival

September 2011
Silage For Falls Arts Festival, Suzanne created a public art pieceOpens in pop-up window entitled Silage. An imaginative surrogate of the recently harvested hayrolls of August, Silage was created from cast off materials. Since audience reactions can never be predicted, Suzanne was interested in the cow's assessment of this strange addition to the field. The most common response was that it made a good tool to cure that itch!

Landfill Art

August 2011
Valiant Fetish Suzanne enjoys collaborations around themes that resonate for her. She was approached in the Spring to participate in a project with her favorite theme – recycled materials. Pennsylvania artist Ken Marquis began this project which now incorporates over 1,000 artists who were given old hubcaps to create new art. Ken's goal is to represent as many places around the world as possible, to produce a catalog and a traveling exhibition for a selected few of the pieces. See more information Link is to outside of this site about the project. Also see the AP News video Link is to outside of this site.

Viridian Gallery Show

July 2011
Sweater "There is so much interesting and exciting art being done today that both Ms. Sussman and Viridian Artists' director, Vernita Nemec, selected additional artists (including Suzanne —ed.) to be included in Curator's Choice & Director's Choice PowerPoint presentations to be shown continually throughout the exhibition. The inclusion of these artists is also a reflection of Viridian's desire to give exposure to the abundance of outstanding art being created today."
Press Release (.pdf as Google sites attachment for download)

WAC Visits

July 2011
In Mid July, Wyoming Arts Link is to outside of this site blogger, the Visual and Performing Arts Specialist Mike Shay; and curator of the 2011 Biennial Fellowship, New York artist and 2011 fellowship juror, Nancy Bowen; visited Suzanne's Wilson studio as part of the Fellowship award and curation process.

Honorable Mention awarded by WAC

June 2011
Suzanne received an honorable mention from the Wyoming Arts Council Link is to outside of this site (WAC) this spring. Three artists from Teton County will be represented at the biennial exhibition celebrating the winners and the others honored. This year, the exhibit will be held in the Art!Space Gallery at the Center for the Arts in Jackson, Wyoming.

Fashion in Jackson Hole

June 2011
CLAD: art+cloth+street is a fashion/art event being held at the Factory Studios in Jackson, Wyoming. Suzanne was invited to respond to the theme of the event with a face off of images, —volleying against Lyndsay McCandless. To see an introduction to the event watch here Link is to outside of this site

Sweater roosts at the Charles Schulz Museum

May 2011
Sweater April saw the de-installation of Sweater from the ArtSpot in Jackson, Wyoming and it's travel by truck to the Charles Schulz Museum. Mid May, Suzanne traveled to Santa Rosa with her trusty fabricator and technical advisor, Glenn Messersmith, to erect the sculpture in it's new spotOpens in pop-up window for the next six months.

The exhibit which Sweater is part of is "Pop'd From the Panel", co-curated by Jane O'Cain of the Schultz Museum and Michael Schwager, Director of the Sonoma State University Gallery and art history professor. Read press from the exhibit here Link is to outside of this site.

Drape on Display in Williamsburg

April 2011
Drape Suzanne created a site-specific piece called Drape, for the "Art from Detritus: Upcycling with Imagination" group exhibition in response to the Williamsburg Art Center's 14 foot ceilings. Using much smaller needles than her recent forays into knitting, she used cast off VHS video tape as the 'yarn' of choice for this piece.

About the exhibit:
"Art from Detritus" Link is to outside of this site continues the dialogue between art and the lives of ordinary people. This exhibit serves as a creative reminder that trash can be not only recycled, but also reused, to create beautiful and unique objects of art. All these artists see beauty in the discarded that fills and eventually serves to destroy our environment and realize this is a satisfying and rewarding way to creatively deal with the problem of too much trash."

Galleries of Recent Work

April 2011
We've been quite busy and have neglected to keep everyone up to date with recent images. We have now rectified that in the Portfolio page. The travel slideshows are finally up to date and can be accessed from the Life page. New slideshows include travel to Poland and the production of Magic Carpet Ride, as well as to Iceland for Nets and France for Overlay. We also spent time as volunteers with the Cross Cultural Collaborative in Ghana. The links to the recent portfolio entries have been added to the earlier news items below:
Interior, Queens College, Flushing, NY
Sweater, Jackson, WY
Magic Carpet Ride, Łódź, Poland
Nets, Skagaströnd, Iceland;
as well as to the Installations Archive.

Installation at Queens College Art Center Project Space

March 2011
Knitted Newspaper Suzanne has been invited to create a newspaper environment at the Queens College Art Center Project Space. (Queens College is part of CUNY, City University of New York) The room will be transformed into an other worldly landscape using the Knight, the college campus newspaper, as the source material for this site specific installation. The installation  Opens in pop-up window will be up through June 2011.
Queens College Art Center Link is to outside of this site Scroll down in the Current Exhibitions for Suzanne's announcement.

Sweater to Travel to Charles Schulz Museum in Late Spring

February 2011
Charlie Brown The Charles Schulz Museum in Santa Rosa California has invited Sweater to be a part of the exhibit Pop'd from the Panel, a group exhibition that will be held June through December 2011. As of this writing, the exhibit curator has tenatively decided to have the piece flying off the front of the museum building. Other works of art inspired by the comic strip will be on display during the exhibition.
Charles Schulz Museum (Cached)

Site Specific Installation at the Central Museum of Textiles

January 2011
Magic Carpet Ride The week of January 10th a new textile factory was tempoarily created in the gallery space at the Central Museum of Textiles in Łódź, Poland. With a long history of textiles, this former textile factory turned museum has celebrated all things textile for over 50 years. Suzanne proposed a site specific installation entitled Magic Carpet Ride Opens in pop-up window. This 80 foot long knitted newspaper piece was created with the assistance of 12 students from the Fine Arts Academy in Łódź.
Central Museum of Textiles article  Link is to outside of this site Translated from Polish to English by Google
Wyoming Arts Council Article  Link is to outside of this site
JH Weekly articleLink is to outside of this site

Older news is in the