Great Balls of Yarn!

bronze bust w/ knitted vest
Well, Nick Wilson couldn’t stand it any more watching the elk across the way dressed for hunting season. Several days ago, Nick appeared sporting a bright orange vest, apparently inspired by his ungulate friend across the road. He looks dashing thanks to Jana’s artistry.

This week The Knitting Project picked up more sculptures, Young Man Reading in the courtyard of the Center for the Arts and a plywood cut out by Pearl Street Bagels made by Bruce Simon (note this cut out is not part of the Village Road cutouts). There are a few people interested in each of these sculptures. Check in with me if you’re interested in joining the group idea for either animal.

knitters at table

Sunday’s session brought together several knitters working on projects at various stages.

yarn on table

Some out of town relatives of knitters stopped in to see what was going on and look at the PowerPoint of what others have done around the world

yarn on table

The knitting collaboration between the Living Center and a few 4th grade students began, Tuesday at the Living Center

4th grader knitting projects

And Thursday the six 4th grade girls learned to knit

high school students watching powerpoint presentation

Suzanne gave a presentation to interested high schoolers who are eager to knit

project sponsors