Bruce and Isadora

yarn & knitted material

Living Center elk blanket comes together

This week saw some good progress with the completion of pieces and installations. The audience response that’s been captured thus far is filled with surprise and lots of chuckling.

applying knitting to plywood moose cutout

Jana and Jean give Bruce the Moose a look for winter, dressed in caution lime

On Wednesday, Jean Barash and Jana Roice boldly stapled Bruce the Moose’s winter look onto his plywood frame. Next time you’re in Wilson, take a look, you won’t be able to miss him.

Instruction in yarn stitching

Lisa instructs several of our young knitters in the fine art of stitching with yarn

On Thursday, Chelcie, Lisa and Suzanne attended the last session at Colter Elementary School. Our now expert 4th grade knitters were excited to be adding embellishments to the leg warmers they’ve created for the Sports Authority Elk. The ensemble will be installed on Tuesday December 18th at 1pm. Come by if you can.

applying scarf to fish cutout

Kathy installs a scarf around a fish’s neck. Wait, do fish have necks?

Later on Thursday, Kathy Luksich installed a scarf on Isadora, the fish above the fish hatchery sign. The name was inspired by Isadora Duncan who loved scarves (and was done in by one too).

Upcoming Events

Sunday, December 16th, 11am @ John Simm’s Major Bison on the Village Road – the woven masterpiece with over a dozen participants will be installed. Come join the excitement of this installation. Hats and warm beverages encouraged.

Tuesday, December 18th @ noon in the courtyard at the Center for the Arts, Young Man Reading will become Young Man Reading in Winter as he prepares to settle into his current novel.

Tuesday, December 18th, 1pm @ the Sports Authority Elk (elk in the parking lot of the Sports Authority near the trees) will be adorned with the handiwork of close to 20 participants including folks from the Living Center and six 4th grade girls from Colter Elementary School.

Wednesday, December, 19th @ noon the students at Jackson Hole High School will wrap poles outside the north side entrance to the school. Over a dozen students have learned to knit with the encouragement of Meggan Stordahl and Carolyn Little. Come cheer them on!

elk sculpture with knitted embellishments, snow covered

Dressed just in time

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