Up, up and away!

yarn ball & knitting

Chelcie’s Navajo moment – do you see it?

This past week two pieces where installed and some mighty weaving took place. We begin to see the fruits of our labor which started in mid September. There have been shrieks of joy and much laughter witnessing our “mini zeitgeist of yarn” come together.

people embellishing steel sculptures

caught in the act

The First Interstate Duo

— First Interstate Bank, 842 W. Broadway @ Virginian Lane

Created by Mary Ann Bielby, Mary Culter, Christie Herman and Becky Zaist, the elk pair (yes they are elk) look inspired as they leave the bank with their bundle of cash, headed for a 2 for 1 dinner or some shopping on the square — they will hardly be recognized by their ungulate brothers and sisters.

woman embellishing moose sculpture

Gail caught in the act

If I Only Had Glasses!

— Rustic Inn at Jackson Hole, 525 N Cache Street across from the Visitor Center

Becky Chambers and Gail Hahn masterfully crafted some fanciful ornaments based on Marge Kudar’s idea. Marge stated after seeing my intro presentation in September at River Rock Assisted Living, that she didn’t want to knit but she had an idea. If we had a moose as part of the project — moose don’t see very well and some times they walk though outdoor ornaments. So I talked with Jeremy Johnson, the facilities manager at the Rustic Inn about adding their moose to our roster. While he was a bit reserved as I explained the project, when later I showed him a miniature prototype Becky made, he smiled and shook my hand.
people weaving knitted strips
Bison strip weaving was a true group effort. With up to 8 people hunched over the multitude of 5” wide colorful strips 7 to 10 feet long created by at least a dozen people – the sewing began to tie it all together. These strips were artfully woven together realizing the vision presented by Courtney and Sue Cedarholm. The finished work will be installed on Major Bison, sculptor John Simms’ large abstract bison located on the Teton Village Road. Installation of the piece will be on Sunday December 16th starting at 11am. Come join in the fun of seeing this piece go up. Carpools and thermoses of hot beverages encouraged!

Coming up this week:

Tuesday or Wednesday December 11 or 12 (it will be a surprise for us all)
Bruce the Moose – on the lawn near Pearl Street Bagels in Wilson

Jean Barash and Jana Roice have cooked up a surprise to help us all remember that moose cross here – is it the water or the bagels? Many thanks to Bruce Simon for his creation of the plywood moose cut out and for his generosity toward this project (Bruce owns the elk who was so dashingly adorned by Lisa Ridgway this fall, Field Dressing)

Thursday December 13th – 4:30-ish
The fish (name TBA) at the Fish Hatchery entrance

Kathy Luksich came to my initial presentation in August at the Senior Center. She had an idea for the fish at the hatchery and was going to gang up with some other teachers to adorn the fish. Well Kathy became the lone ranger for this fish’s winter fare – it will be quite funny I guarantee.

Sunday December 16th – 11am
At Major Bison, John Simms’ bison that’s on the Village Road, east side of the road, turn right opposite Clubhouse Drive– can’t miss the sculpture right after you turn!

Come join in the fun of seeing this piece go up. Carpools and thermoses of hot beverages encouraged!

Tuesday December 18th – 1:00-ish pm
Parking lot of the Sports Authority – elk sculpture near the trees

Come watch the installation of this multigenerational work with the largest number of participants. With a handful of 4th graders from Colter Elementary School and their knitting teachers, Chelcie Jonke, Carolyn Little and Lisa Ridgway and a gaggle of folks from the Living Center and their assistants Courtney Cedarholm, Gretchen Palmquist and Ann Wray and a few others who loved to finger knit, we will all converge to watch the piece be installed. Come help celebrate with apple cider and cookies!

  • Coming soon to Jackson Hole High School – a wrapped pole or two as part of this project
  • Young Man Reading in Winter will complete his ensemble at the Center for the Arts

And possibly a couple of surprises. Stay tuned. 😉
knitting diagram
project sponsors

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