Dreaming in Celsius

News article in FinnishSince the last post we have hatched a variety of projects in addition to the community public art work which was featured in Länsi-Suomi on 07 October. We held an “open door” as the Finnish refer to an open house where the public is invited to come see a work in progress. We had many interesting conversations with community members in awe of local lace maker Tarmo Thorström’s handiwork at a gargantuan scale.people working on large wire lacegiant lacemaking tableAlong side the public art work we are collaborating with those at the Valo Workshop on a community knitted newspaper piece for a Teen House which helps teenagers in need. So far we have had 10 individuals working on this, some coming a few times a week, some daily. We’ve enjoyed getting to know Rauma through the eyes of the participants. Unfortunately our Finnish has not improved greatly, however it has provided lots of laughs. On the other side, since Finns begin learning English at about age 9 or 10, many are eager to polish their English with native speakers.people in workshopknitted newspaper2 women at worktableMid October, we added a movement segment to the residency program with rehearsals conducted by choreographer Babs Case of Dancers’ Workshop in Jackson Hole, Wyoming USA. Over the two weeks, new movement ideas were explored and two performances beautifully reflected the learning of the participants and the inspiration of lacemaking as their starting point. The 8 community members who committed to the dance portion of our residency were challenged and gratified by what they learned, achieved and how they felt. Coverage of the performances were augmented with radio spots and social media. One participant revealed that she felt more confidence in her abilities to perform as a result of the time spent with Case and the others. Tears were shed as the dynamic Case departed this past weekend.people on dance floorpeople sitting on dance floordancers performingpeople talking in nightclubdancers in groupDuring the movement workshop time frame, we participated in a local event called Minihysteria, a day for children to explore new ideas for hobbies. Hobbies are an important part of Finnish life and help with the long cold winters. Babs Case, photographer Leine Stikkel, local Rauman Marjo Viitama and Suzanne Morlock enticed children to come and dance and move like lace. We made the front page of the Sunday paper and a good time was had by all.kids with balloonsComing up: In November textile students at the local Freinetschool of Rauma will spend three weeks learning this alternative textile technique using recycled newspaper; Suzanne shares some of her favorite artist biographies through film at a local café and the public art work is installed in Parpansali Park!
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