Great Balls of Yarn!

GBY2webIn the spirit of this year’s Office of Arts and Culture Sculpture Walk theme – spectacle, Glenn Messersmith and Suzanne Morlock, have created a twist on our interests in celebrating craft technique in new and inventive ways at a big scale. We looked at the bollards around Key Arena, and found them ripe to be playfully transformed into enormous balls of yarn! So this week 21 bollards on the east side of Key Arena have been transformed into Great Balls of Yarn!

On Sunday September 4th at 3pm there will be a performance Knitting + Poetry, in conjunction with Bumbershoot music and arts festival, where Suzanne Morlock will knit at a huge scale while Anitra Freeman will read poetry about domestic themes. The performance will be at bollard #11 where the white roof piece meets the ground. The performance will be videotaped and posted for those who cannot attend. Bumbershoot admission for the day is $60.

Many thanks to the Office of Arts and Culture Seattle for the opportunity to make this work!