At the intersection of climate change and health care policy, this performative installation kinesthetically draws a visceral snapshot of lived experience. Vector-borne diseases such as Lyme disease are on the rise as the climate warms. Coupled with increasingly divided health care access and increased burden of care, this poorly understood disease contributes to the rapidly rising contagion.
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Great Balls of Yarn!

GBY2webIn the spirit of this year’s Office of Arts and Culture Sculpture Walk theme – spectacle, Glenn Messersmith and Suzanne Morlock, have created a twist on our interests in celebrating craft technique in new and inventive ways at a big scale. We looked at the bollards around Key Arena, and found them ripe to be playfully transformed into enormous balls of yarn! So this week 21 bollards on the east side of Key Arena have been transformed into Great Balls of Yarn!  …and there's more »

Internal Politics: Great Expectations

Through an invitation to participate in a group exhibition in NYC entitled Internal Politics: Great Expectations, Suzanne submitted Like You, Like Me, an audio collage which features the brave stories of people in Seattle who are currently experiencing homelessness or have experienced homelessness in the recent past. These compelling stories resonate with humanness, strength and struggle. Eleven voices in this collage are those of Real Change News vendors in Seattle, Washington.

Yhteisöllinen tanssityöpaja Raumalle

This blurb appeared in yesterday’s Länsi-Suomi, the newspaper for the Rauma Finland region. English translation follows, along with sign-up information.

Yhteisöllinen tanssityöpaja Raumalle

Amerikkalainen koreografi, Dancers’ Workshopin johtaja, Babs Case valmistelee yhdessä kuvanveistäjä Suzanne Morlockin kanssa Raumalle tanssiteosta paikallisten ihmisten kanssa. Case on RaumArsin taiteilijavieras lokakuussa.  …and there's more »

Update Fall 2013 —
What’s Coming Up?

Large Spool with Knitted Material
This fall I am working intensively toward a large installation project at the Nicolaysen Art Museum as part of a review of regional installation work. The exhibit entitled The Nature of Things, will showcase three artists whose work communicates via the installation form.

I will construct a Wyoming metaphorical landscape, in a 30'x60' space entitled Place/Displace. Using found objects and invented forms, the piece will cross boundaries and invite questions about ease and dis-ease. I am pleased to announce that Wyoming's well known dance troupe Contemporary Dance Wyoming will be performing an interpretative response to my installation at the opening reception at the museum on January 24, 2014. The exhibition will be up through April 26, 2014.

Also this fall, I will be a participant in the Wyoming Art Council's Biennial Fellowship Exhibition held at the Nicolaysen Art Museum. This biennial exhibition showcases the winners of fellowships and honorable mentions. I was the recipient of a honorable mention in 2012 and 2013. The exhibition will open on September 24th with a grand opening on Friday, November 8, 2013.

Senior Center Sparks Enthusiasm

A group of excited knitters and non-knitters gathered yesterday to hear about The Knitting Project. Suzanne talked about the idea of a community based public art project using knitting as a way of embellishing some of the animal statues around town this winter. She showed images of what others have done around the world and inviting participants to think creatively. With a focus on funny, members of the group laughed and some wanted to start knitting immediately!

For those who couldn’t attend, here is a summary, and info on how you can get involved:  …and there's more »

The Knitting Project

A community public art project for Jackson Hole in which YOU can participate! I conjured this fun, collaborative project to forge new multi-generational interactions. Your help in knitting embellishments for bronze animal statues in town is wanted. There will be lessons if you want to learn how to knit. Fun and socializing for all ages! This is not just women’s or girl’s work. Men and boys are encouraged to get involved.  …and there's more »