Dreaming in Celsius

News article in FinnishSince the last post we have hatched a variety of projects in addition to the community public art work which was featured in Länsi-Suomi on 07 October. We held an “open door” as the Finnish refer to an open house where the public is invited to come see a work in progress. We had many interesting conversations with community members in awe of  …and there's more »

valmiina, paikoillanne, mene!

(ready, set, go!)
We arrived in Rauma, Finland on September 1st and have been buzzing along since. We are staying in Old Rauma, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The setting is inspiring and the old architecture provides a constant memory of the history of this place.

The center piece of the three month artist-in-residency is a community public art work. The design team consists of two artists-in-residence selected by RaumArs, Suzanne Morlock and Glenn Messersmith and local Rauma artist and expert lace maker Tarmo Thorström. Together they will create a work of art for a local park, Parpansali Park, in Old Rauma.  …and there's more »

Update Fall 2013 —
What’s Coming Up?

Large Spool with Knitted Material
This fall I am working intensively toward a large installation project at the Nicolaysen Art Museum as part of a review of regional installation work. The exhibit entitled The Nature of Things, will showcase three artists whose work communicates via the installation form.

I will construct a Wyoming metaphorical landscape, in a 30'x60' space entitled Place/Displace. Using found objects and invented forms, the piece will cross boundaries and invite questions about ease and dis-ease. I am pleased to announce that Wyoming's well known dance troupe Contemporary Dance Wyoming will be performing an interpretative response to my installation at the opening reception at the museum on January 24, 2014. The exhibition will be up through April 26, 2014.

Also this fall, I will be a participant in the Wyoming Art Council's Biennial Fellowship Exhibition held at the Nicolaysen Art Museum. This biennial exhibition showcases the winners of fellowships and honorable mentions. I was the recipient of a honorable mention in 2012 and 2013. The exhibition will open on September 24th with a grand opening on Friday, November 8, 2013.

Food, Fiber and Fillaborations!

napkin sketch

Noon time planning with Lisa Ridgway and Chelcie Jonke (drawing by Lisa)

The last two weeks since our last formal meeting at the Center for the Arts have been filled with planning for installations. As I reviewed the photos I’ve taken seems as if this time also meant meeting in small groups to talk about details, enjoy the company of others sans needles and lot of figuring.  …and there's more »