Stories of Homelessness

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"I have A.D.D. It makes it physically impossible to do boring things. Give me a challenge and I'm a genius. Make me file papers and I'm an idiot!"


"You never know when you step off the sidewalk one day what the road has in store for you."


"I like living in a tent because shelters do have bedbugs. I don't feel like getting bit by bedbugs."


"Homeless stealing from homeless... I mean, how low can you get?"


"I just want to get out of here, out of the streets. I'm tired of looking over my shoulder. I almost cry myself to sleep almost every night."


"I'd rather be homeless than deal with my mother."


"You have to have the desire to be better."


"So you work hard to make all these friends in the city, at work, and relationships are built up. When you're homeless, no one opened up their door for you. No one let me in or invited me over to their house."


"[When] I became suicidal, they didn't want that for the other residents they terminated my lease."


"I was at UGM. A guy come up to me and he said “If [another area shelter] ever fills up, you come back here, we got you covered.” It was like a ton of bricks just came off me. It was like, WOW, somebody really does care!"


"Many people I've known, they die. Being homeless, being chemically dependent, they just die there. It's a living death anyway ...and that's a waste."


"I cannot stay long sleeping outside, it's very hard. Every night I sleep outside and cry because, this is not my dream."


"I got married and divorced in four days. He wanted to fight, and I was already an abused child. I wasn't going to be living in a house with a man beating up on me either."


"It only takes an accident, a health problem, or a loss of job. And you can become homeless."


"Realize that homeless people are people!"


"I know that if I use [drugs], I'll lose everything I have. Not only do I lose my self respect, but my job. I'd lose all of it."