Suzanne Morlock

boots, reclaimed ocean detritus, charity shop yarn, knitting technique, 2023.

My conceptually driven work is typically defined by sculpture, digital media and socially engaged methods often resulting in large scale installations and collaborations. I transform the familiar, such as newspaper, cloth and recording tape, in order to demonstrate the paradoxical elements of disposability and endless potential. My work explores the ephemeral realms of memory, composition and decomposition and objects communicate the unstable tension ever-present in our transitional world. I repurpose the unwanted debris of our disposable society, through techniques historically subscribed to as "women's work", like weaving, sewing, and knitting, revealing aspects of beauty and whimsy, while embracing the impermanence of even the work itself.

While visual-cognitive properties of art are dominant in the work, I explore the need for sensory experience. This inclination has been brought into clearer focus by the technological explosion of recent years, where virtual experiences dominate our daily lives more and more each day, creating a kind of shared isolation from in-person experiences. Increasingly, as humans are isolated from direct experience, our chronic visual overload compels artists like myself to defy the proliferation of mediated and virtual experiences by creating tangible objects and physical experiences as social comment.